iKinesics Articles about non-verbal and verbal cues

Spot That Liar! 0

Spot That Liar!

Learn a thing or two about detecting lies from an ex-FBI officer. And, make sure to observe gestures as a whole to confirm what you think is happening.

Make Use Of Your Face 0

Make Use Of Your Face

It’s no secret that the hands and the face, the most expressive parts of the body, have a language all their own that accompanies speech and other human interaction. For example, light touching of...


What Can The Arms Reveal?

Arm and hand gestures are every bit as revealing as speech and facial expressions. Generally, the more relaxed hands and arms are, and the less exaggerated the motions of the hands and arms, the...


The Palm Hold The Power

Body language makes up at least half of our face-to-face communication. While voices and choice of words can certainly convey emotion, body language can either reinforce or contradict what is said. The hands alone...