Author: Logen Lanka

Spot That Liar! 0

Spot That Liar!

Learn a thing or two about detecting lies from an ex-FBI officer. And, make sure to observe gestures as a whole to confirm what you think is happening.

Body Language of Proxemics Part 2 2

Body Language of Proxemics Part 2

Since the last post, we’ve established that everyone has a personal space surrounding his/her body. This study of territorial space is called proxemics. Based on the amount of distance between each individual we can...

Body Language of Proxemics Part 1 0

Body Language of Proxemics Part 1

The branch of body language, which studies a person’s personal space is proxemics. Everyone has their personal space. Your house is personal space in terms of territory. Your favourite armchair is personal space in...

Where Do Our Non-verbal Gestures Come From? 0

Body Language Basics in Pictures

I know that the body language content below is nothing new. However, some people learn better with images. Therefore, I’ve organised the info in a pictorial format. Hopefully this is helpful in making you...

The Truth About Body Language 0

The Truth About Body Language

Body Language Not Foolproof The interpretation of body gestures cannot guarantee what a person is feeling or thinking. The human though-process is never simple and there are too many factors affecting a person’s body...